About Us

Enabling product creation at scale is the core of 'Enlight 3D'. By leveraging a global network of front line digital manufacturing and material partners, Enlight 3D continues to be a proven leader in advanced 3D Printing solutions.

We provide a holistic solution to you and your customers. From product development to industrial 3D manufacturing, gamut to fit your business

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Why US?

Here are some reasons why you have made the best decision by choosing us .

  • 01 Training

    We provide training on how to design and print objects using the printer, access to community-built instructional resources that utilize the 3D printer, and ongoing collaborative opportunities for teachers to discuss ideas and classroom successes .

  • Our workshops designed to support use of engineering design and 3D printers in the classroom or workplace. Topics covered include setting up and using a 3D printer, designing 3D objects using Tinker cad and other online design programs .

  • Students will have the opportunity to create their own prints and develop lessons and/or units to support student learning of science and mathematics content .